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lucyfur_star's Journal

lucyfur star
14 July 1981
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i am girl. i am 25. i am kinda boring in the way that i'd rather sleep than party. i used to be all crazy and rad....now im just a girl that used to be "zany". dont be fooled though...i am still highly entertained by what i do. i am charming. my smile is 2 parts tongue, 1 part lip and 1 part teeth. i think christmas has lost is magic. i am in love. this time around we will make it work. i love my life....i love dogs...i love down comforters, caramel, reading, piles of things such as ashes and keys, water, pig kisses and bunny nose twitches. i love cheese. your granny would probably bake me cookies before she baked them for you.