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lucyfur star

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toadally [Thu, Mar. 5th (2009)|04:50 pm]
lucyfur star
we found a new apartment. Super cute, super cheaper. Its an old orchard farmhouse converted into apartments. we have the corner unit, thats upstairs and downstairs, so its likea townhouse, with neighbors only on one side! Bigger kitchen, bigger bathroom and heats included in rent. yes!

so...hopefully we'll be in by the 1st of april. its sad...i love our current place, but thsi ones way rad too. we will both be able to fit in the bathroom comfortably. hell....we could even invite others in at the same time!!! OMG!
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stress when it doesnt matter [Fri, Jan. 2nd (2009)|03:51 pm]
lucyfur star
i dont know why i always stress about shit that doesnt matter, but when i should be freaking out about stuff, im not.

tims seasonal job is ending and the help wanted ads are still minimal...but im worried about whether i should keep my hair blonde or go back to red for my 4 generation portrait on sunday.

amazing priorities. i think i just dont want to think about the job thing.

in other news i have a "ganglion cyst" on my hand. They are going to drain it soon. I thought maybe it was a bone or sumthing. creepy, weird and ow.

i also made a new years resolution which is totally not my scene. "stop smoking in the apartment, and start cuttign back and quitting" this means 8 smokes a day for now...and slowly bring it down. I can do it. ive done it efore, i just need to get geared up. as 30 approaches, there is just no good reason for me to be smoking.

i hope we can keep our apartment. i hope i can decide on a haircolor.
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a newer slightly better picture of harvey [Thu, Jul. 17th (2008)|02:05 pm]
lucyfur star
i got a nice camera for my birthday but as you can see, i havent perfected the flash setting yet....

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introducing Agent Harvey McLongface [Tue, Jul. 1st (2008)|11:25 am]
lucyfur star

He is even cuter in person. In some of those pictures he is missing fur from when we first rescued him, but hes a hairy little bastard now.
We've also taken to calling him "Murderface" instead of jsut "Harvey"

Hes a wirehaird Dachshund
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a new update [Thu, May. 8th (2008)|10:39 am]
lucyfur star
So. My shop is getting busier! Yay! I guess with the economy going to shit, thrift shops thrive. who knew?

Tim and I got a Mini Wire Haired Dachshund that needed a loving home about 2 months ago. He got a helluva loving home. He is about 2 years old (his prior owner thinks) and we named him Agent Harvey McLongface. Pictures to follow once I have ones of him now, as a healthy boy. Really though...hes the cutest. Im not even a little dog person, but he stole my heart.

We started moving into our first apartment last week. Its in Winchester, in the historic district. Its an old house that was split into 2 apartments, and we have the upstairs. It has 20 Windows, hardwood floors and a balcony, what more could I ask for? The um..."flaws" are kinda erased with those 2 facts.

I am soooo over moving. I just cant wait till we have everything unpacked, and can find out what we need and what we dont, but it will all be over soon.

Cooking is fabulous. We intend to be doing lots of this.

So...im full of excitement.
How are you?!!?!?
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not dead [Fri, Aug. 3rd (2007)|06:24 pm]
lucyfur star
i dont have much to say. things are the same, so thats good. Im working in Berryville, running a thrift shop for hospice. i love it. well...i like it a lot anyway. im getting ready to buy a new car. thats exciting.
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how do you get that job?!?!? [Wed, Nov. 15th (2006)|10:01 pm]
lucyfur star
so...while scouring the internet for jobs recently, i found myself a "phone sex operator" position. actually it was listed as "telephone actress". Basically a company reroutes calls to your house, so you make your own hours. its busier at night and you can get up to 8 calls in an hour on an average night. while i will NOT be applying for this job, i am amazed at how many times i have thought to myself "how the fuck do you get that job? where do you apply?". those things have been answered. fuck yes!

but seriously...the job search gets worse every day. i think i may end up working at cd cellar full time again, just for the money. damn kid, i havent worked full time since 2004, although there have been weeks that ive worked 7 days.
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bitching [Mon, Nov. 13th (2006)|11:13 pm]
lucyfur star
why isnt dental care cheaper?

i am 25. i work a couple part time jobs. i dotn care abotu not having health insurance (mostly) but...i need dental. i havent had a dental plan since...i think since i was on my moms insurance. anyway..waht im getting at is that, when i went to the dentist when i was 17, i ahd...8 cavities. it was the first time i had ever had a cavity. so, i didnt get them filled...cause i turned 18 and wahtever...and here i am, at 25...and i know they are getting bad. plus ive got this receding gum. i tried to look around for cheaper places. nova has a place in annandale that students can practice xrays, cleaning, and basics...but im not sure if fillings are in there. does anyone know of an affordable way to take care of this? cause i'd liek to take care of things, but...dental keeps taking a back burner to life stuff. i also need to get my eyes examined and i need new glasses. thats a lot cheaper than having teeth stuff done, but its worth asking if anyone knows of any resources for affordable eye care as well.

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voting [Tue, Nov. 7th (2006)|10:55 pm]
lucyfur star
my voting experience was pretty painless. there were 4 electronic polls, 1 paper ballot set up. i was the youngest person there, but there were like....7 old people. 1 would have liked to have seen more people, but whatever. one of the people "working" there was kinda shitty to me. when i first walked in, she was standing there, so i asked if she needed my voter card, and she pointed to a sign that said "information for voters" and told em to read befor ei ask or sumthing to that effect. she then pointed me in the direction of who did need my card. i mean, it was an honest mistake. the sign didnt even say NOT to give her my card.....weird. so then after i voted she was like " oh look, shes sooo proud of herself for voting....look at how she struts" about me. im not really sure waht that was about, and it kinda made me mad after the fact. hey....i made an effort to get out of bed early for something that may or may not even affect me....yeah! tons of people can say that...but tons cant say that, so whatever. plus you shouldnt alienate people who actually try to make a difference instead of just bitching about it..
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(no subject) [Tue, Oct. 24th (2006)|12:38 pm]
lucyfur star
so, i dogsat for the 2 great danes in centreville again for the past week. they are really wonderful dogs. but having another glipmse inside the private lives of people ive met once, made me depressed. i dont want that life. i mean, they are nice people, and they may be happy....but you can tell they spend tons of tiem working. liek they work to live, and then they buy this "nice" house full of sharper image products in teh middle of a cookie cutter nighborhood. their friends called and left messages while iw as staying there, and they all seem so...interchangable. but maybe thats just my own fear. maybe thats what they wanted to build their life into. to blend in and assemble. when i went to start my truck yesterday morning, it wouldnt start. the battery was dead. i was stuck at the dogs house all day. after ann got off work she came and picked me up, and i had taken the battery out. we took it to advance autop parts in sterling and traded it in,a nd i bougth a new one and put in last night. then i went with anh to some of her friends house for dinner. and then i went back and went to sleep.

i bought a ton of mags and books at tower the other day. i am reading a book called "SAying yes, in defense of drug use" by Jacob Sullum. Im not far in it, but so far he has made some reallyinteresting points, and i'd recommend it. its basically info on soem surveys that are in favor of legalizationa dn effects of marijuana, that are "threatening" so they arent as widely used. and basically he's pitting the legalization and effects of alcohol against that of marijuana, which is one of my favorite oversights. how can alcohol be legal and not pot? wtf? anyway, its a pretty good book. i also go the new "found" book. i am already doen reading it. god....its brilliant.
for anyone who doesnt know, its a book of compiled notes pictures, shopping lists etc. that people all over the world find and mail in. its very interesting.
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