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stress when it doesnt matter [Fri, Jan. 2nd (2009)|03:51 pm]
lucyfur star
i dont know why i always stress about shit that doesnt matter, but when i should be freaking out about stuff, im not.

tims seasonal job is ending and the help wanted ads are still minimal...but im worried about whether i should keep my hair blonde or go back to red for my 4 generation portrait on sunday.

amazing priorities. i think i just dont want to think about the job thing.

in other news i have a "ganglion cyst" on my hand. They are going to drain it soon. I thought maybe it was a bone or sumthing. creepy, weird and ow.

i also made a new years resolution which is totally not my scene. "stop smoking in the apartment, and start cuttign back and quitting" this means 8 smokes a day for now...and slowly bring it down. I can do it. ive done it efore, i just need to get geared up. as 30 approaches, there is just no good reason for me to be smoking.

i hope we can keep our apartment. i hope i can decide on a haircolor.