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a new update [Thu, May. 8th (2008)|10:39 am]
lucyfur star
So. My shop is getting busier! Yay! I guess with the economy going to shit, thrift shops thrive. who knew?

Tim and I got a Mini Wire Haired Dachshund that needed a loving home about 2 months ago. He got a helluva loving home. He is about 2 years old (his prior owner thinks) and we named him Agent Harvey McLongface. Pictures to follow once I have ones of him now, as a healthy boy. Really though...hes the cutest. Im not even a little dog person, but he stole my heart.

We started moving into our first apartment last week. Its in Winchester, in the historic district. Its an old house that was split into 2 apartments, and we have the upstairs. It has 20 Windows, hardwood floors and a balcony, what more could I ask for? The um..."flaws" are kinda erased with those 2 facts.

I am soooo over moving. I just cant wait till we have everything unpacked, and can find out what we need and what we dont, but it will all be over soon.

Cooking is fabulous. We intend to be doing lots of this.

So...im full of excitement.
How are you?!!?!?