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bitching [Mon, Nov. 13th (2006)|11:13 pm]
lucyfur star
why isnt dental care cheaper?

i am 25. i work a couple part time jobs. i dotn care abotu not having health insurance (mostly) but...i need dental. i havent had a dental plan since...i think since i was on my moms insurance. anyway..waht im getting at is that, when i went to the dentist when i was 17, i ahd...8 cavities. it was the first time i had ever had a cavity. so, i didnt get them filled...cause i turned 18 and wahtever...and here i am, at 25...and i know they are getting bad. plus ive got this receding gum. i tried to look around for cheaper places. nova has a place in annandale that students can practice xrays, cleaning, and basics...but im not sure if fillings are in there. does anyone know of an affordable way to take care of this? cause i'd liek to take care of things, but...dental keeps taking a back burner to life stuff. i also need to get my eyes examined and i need new glasses. thats a lot cheaper than having teeth stuff done, but its worth asking if anyone knows of any resources for affordable eye care as well.