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voting [Tue, Nov. 7th (2006)|10:55 pm]
lucyfur star
my voting experience was pretty painless. there were 4 electronic polls, 1 paper ballot set up. i was the youngest person there, but there were like....7 old people. 1 would have liked to have seen more people, but whatever. one of the people "working" there was kinda shitty to me. when i first walked in, she was standing there, so i asked if she needed my voter card, and she pointed to a sign that said "information for voters" and told em to read befor ei ask or sumthing to that effect. she then pointed me in the direction of who did need my card. i mean, it was an honest mistake. the sign didnt even say NOT to give her my card.....weird. so then after i voted she was like " oh look, shes sooo proud of herself for voting....look at how she struts" about me. im not really sure waht that was about, and it kinda made me mad after the fact. hey....i made an effort to get out of bed early for something that may or may not even affect me....yeah! tons of people can say that...but tons cant say that, so whatever. plus you shouldnt alienate people who actually try to make a difference instead of just bitching about it..